Purple Dignity

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Purple Dignity

The Purple Dignity Dinner/fundraiser is all about raising money to help end a disease that has no cure. Alzheimer's.  All funds will go towards the annual Reno, Sparks Alzheimer's walk!  These funds go back to the National Alzheimer's Association towards research to find a cure.

I came up with the idea of "Purple Dignity Dinner to honor my Grandma Bev. I watched her suffer for 10 years before the disease took her life while she was in my arms on February 24, 2012.  She will never be forgotten for the strong woman she was. As we continue to raise money for a cure, lets come together and honor those and celebrate in a way that provides dignity to the ones battling the disease and the ones care taking for loved ones that have the disease.

2 Awards will be presented during the dinner:

Remember My photo & The Beverly Jean Award. 

To nominate someone for these awards, please contact us. 

Remember My Photo Award: 

This award honors an individual or individuals for raising awareness and or money to fight Alzheimer's.  

Beverly Jean Award: 

Honors an individual that currently has Alzheimer's.